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Pregnancy Pillow – What is It?

Pregnancy pillow, also called a pregnancy mattress pad, is a small but essential accessory during the nine months of pregnancy. Pregnancy pillow falls into two categories; full-back and wedge. Full-back pillows are rectangular cushions that gently reduce back pain by sliding across your body on your stomach, reducing pressure points on the lower back and the pelvic bones. (These are the recommended sleeping position for pregnant women because it gives them the most blood circulation to the growing uterus.)

A full-back pillow can be a good investment, especially if you are planning on going to bed on the same side each night. This will make it easier for you to avoid neck and shoulder aches as well as help you sleep better, as the head and the spine are supported by the weight of your body on the pillow. Unfortunately, the full-back pillow isn’t always the right choice for those of us who are prone to back problems, as the extra weight on the lower back may strain the back muscles or joints.

The second type of pillow to consider is the wedge pillow. This pillow-like cushion is more like a decorative pillow. Instead of providing a full back support, the wedge can gently tilt backwards in order to provide additional comfort to the baby’s head as it rests on the top of the mom’s body. This pillow is usually smaller than full-back pillows, and it can be used as often as needed.

Since these pillows provide both neck and back support, they can also be very helpful to those of us whose bodies are not yet adapted to the most comfortable positions during pregnancy. Some women have trouble lying down with their stomachs elevated too far, and for those women, the wedge may prove a lifesaver.

There are other factors that you should consider when purchasing a pregnancy pillow. The most important one is whether the pillow will fit comfortably into your existing bedding. There are some that don’t, so you should definitely check out those options before making a purchase. Some pregnancy pillows come with the ability to adjust according to your changing needs, so you’ll have an adjustable option that’s just right for you. You also want to make sure the pillows offer the best support possible – after all, they’re there for your comfort.

The price of the pillow is also important, since the higher the quality, the more you pay. For most women, the cheapest variety is probably the best choice – but you can also buy a mid-priced alternative.