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The Advantages Of VTV Online

Are you happy to tell you that VTV Online, our country’s premier online television network, is about to be rebranded as VIETN and launch on December 14,2021. The rebranding is a part of an ongoing strategic partnership involving VTV and International Media Development Corporation. For years, VTV has been the favorite of both local and international audiences. It is also one of the most-watched online television channels in the Philippines. The brand extension will help VTV spread its presence not only to the Philippines but all over the world.

VTV online

“The new name, VIETN, stands for a more modern and contemporary way of addressing the VTV concept and, hence, we believe it will give the network a more polished and professional look,” says Robert Garcia, General Manager of VTV Online. “The new name also reflects our association with the Asian market, specifically with China and Vietnam.” Although this is the case, VTV Philippines is going international, and it is not the first time that such has happened.

In 2021, VTV began broadcasting in China. It was very successful there, in spite of some censorship issues, and it was later added to several other languages including Korean and Indian. And in 2021, VTV Online started Chinese and Hindi versions of its website. VTV Today, which is already known as Vietnam TV Online, continues to expand its target market. One of the reasons why VTV is able to penetrate the targeted audiences in different regions is that it is accessible on mobile devices.

In the Philippines, VTV has a clear edge over the other local competitors. Aside from being the only network that broadcasts in both Mandarin and English, it also offers the largest number of channels. It has English and Filipino languages as its programming options, making it accessible to the largest segment of the population. It also offers a variety of high quality movies and music programs that feature award winning movies and popular music stars. There are also several international channels that air popular movies from all over the world.

Aside from its wide array of programming options, VTV is also the only one of its kind in the Philippines that offers exclusive Spanish-language programs. VTV’s Spanish programming features popular movies and music that can be viewed in the comfort of your own homes. As VTV expands its target market internationally, the company plans to launch more channels in the coming years. In the meantime, as VTV Philippines gets closer to launch the Mandarin Chinese version, they already launched a Hindi version.

Aside from viewing programs, you can also play games and use other interactive features offered on the VTV website. One such interactive feature is the VTV Go, which is a software that can be downloaded for free. The VTV Go is basically a browser where one can watch TV through VTV through the Internet using Wi-Fi. This feature was developed by Cisco Technology Solutions, who also developed the popular Internet browser Adobe Flash.

VTV online also features live feeds that can be viewed anytime. With this feature, people can be informed when there is a new episode of their favorite TV program. You can also get access to news, weather, sports, and Asian events. Apart from this, users can also purchase DVDs and CDs or stream DVDs directly through the VTV website. You can order and download the programs that you like and have them delivered right in your doorstep.

Overall, VTV online has many advantages. Aside from accessing local TV programs, one can also choose from a wide variety of channels and features. It is also a lot more convenient since you do not have to travel just to get access to one’s favorite TV programs. Also, with the live feed feature, one can really feel like they are watching the event live at the exact moment it happens on air. Overall, VTV online gives a lot of benefits to its online customers but it is important to note that there are still some limitations to this service as some online companies still require a monthly subscription or pay per view fee to be able to deliver the program streams to their customers.