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What to Look For in DeListProduct Review Websites

product review website

The DeListProduct review website is a great tool for finding new products to promote, as well as being an invaluable resource for product-related information. For most companies, however, a review site is used as part of a viral marketing scheme: the review is written by a distributor or affiliate and is then distributed through several links, sometimes including Pay-Per-Click advertising. Sometimes, the reviews are written by regular, everyday people who just happen to be using the product in question. Regardless of how it’s distributed, however, a quality review site is a valuable asset to any company’s online marketing campaign. Here are some tips to ensure your website receives the highest number of visitors possible – and that it receives them on a regular basis.

First of all, let’s establish what a review website actually is, beyond the obvious fact that it’s a website that reviews products. In general, these sites are organized around categories, and each category will likely have at least one or two review categories. (If there aren’t any obvious options within each category, there will likely be subcategories.) Presently, five popular types of product review websites are as follows:

A Niche Affiliate – Popular among tech enthusiasts, niche affiliate product review websites are often set up to promote products related to a specific, targeted niche. Review sites are set up with categories (such as “cars,” “gears,” “shoes,” etc.) that focus on a particular part of a technology niche. Tech product reviews can also often be found in forums, and sometimes in specialized subcategories within niche platforms (such as cell phones).

o General Product Review Websites – As the name implies, general product review websites usually review all forms of consumer goods, regardless of whether they’re intended for a niche or mainstream audience. These websites can often be quite broad in their scope, since they don’t make an attempt to separate themselves by focusing on a single product category. In many cases, general product review websites will review products that are available in general markets and even review technologies designed to specifically appeal to a certain type of consumer. For example, many review websites will typically review home appliances, toothbrushes, laundry machines, food processors, video game systems, digital cameras, etc. In this way, a review website that claims to focus on home appliances may review a refrigerator, an oven, a stoves and/or microwave, etc., as well as reviews on generic household tools.

A More General Platforms – Like niche affiliate product review websites, general tech review site like PC Mag generally focuses on just one or two technological categories, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. (although PC Mag is expanding to include tablets and other device categories.) Although PC Mag generally caters to a somewhat tech savvy consumer, it has developed an image as being more favorable to the mainstream. Because of this, PC Mag may be the only tech website like this that you’ll ever find online. On a broader scale, you can also look to major tech websites like CNET or The Wall Street Journal’s Tech Blog to get a feel for what the technology industry is talking about. These websites can give you a good idea of what the hot topics are online, as well as giving you an idea of what the smaller more mainstream blogs are talking about.

A Niche Affiliate Marketing – Finally, in terms of finding the best product review websites, you’ll often need to branch out from your own specialty niche. For example, there are product reviews on cooking devices that discuss the pros and cons of using a particular brand and model. However, if you review home appliances, you might look at reviews on compact refrigerators or stovetops. By using a combination of niche affiliate marketing methods and general review websites, you should be able to easily find the best product review websites online.