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Yamaha BBNE2BL – An Ideal Portable System For Beginners

Yamaha BBNE2BL

The all new Yamaha BBNE2BL electric guitar is a high-performing model with a tonally versatile reputation. Designed by Yamaha and newcomer, Nathan East, the bassist for Eric Clapton. For many years, the Yamaha BB Series electric guitars have established the standard in solid alder bass guitar construction, producing a reputation for their supreme tone and powerful sustain, easy to playability, and great tone. The new BB model takes that status to a new level with a flat alder body topped with high quality maple. The result is a bass that has more tonal variety and a wider range of attack than ever before offered by a Yamaha.

This Yamaha BB model is truly an evolution of the design, which began with the original BB. The new version incorporates many features from the original but also adds a few innovations and enhancements. The standard BB model uses twin plywood with a medium density fiberboard in the neck and body. The result is a bass with tighter tone and a wider range of dynamics. In addition, the larger and thicker medium density fiberboard helps produce a more stable bass guitar body and better handling.

With the use of two plywood panels, the new models allow the neck to be expanded and contracting as required. This feature helps to create more flexibility as well as increased tonal variation. This is achieved through the use of two voice springs positioned on either side of the joint, creating a tension-based system. This allows the neck to move up and down as required without straining the joint.

The new models also feature a new diamond plywood at the heel and at the upper corner of the body. This increases the strength and stiffness of the joint as well as improving the tone of the sound emitted from the instrument. Many players have reported a tight bass tone from their Yamaha guitars even when using powerful amplification systems. Another advantage of the diamond plywood is that it prevents the joints from vibrating which improves the quality of the tone emitted from the bass.

The new model incorporates a new locking plate system which allows the headstock to remain firmly attached to the neck. This feature reduces the chances of the headstock spring popping out of place during playing and eliminates much of the risk associated with winding the guitar neck too tightly. Another innovation includes a pre-set truss rod and bridge with a pre-set Tune-up wire. The truss rod allows the guitar to be easily manipulated so that the proper pitch can be maintained and the bass notes are maintained at the desired pitch even when the guitar is not in tune with the amplifier.

The final enhancement to the model is the inclusion of volume and tone controls on the front of the unit. The volume control allows a player to change the level of the bass tone from a centrally located control to a more convenient key-switch located on the side. The tone control includes an extremely effective whammy bar allowing a variety of alternate playing techniques including drop-back, up-and-down slides and staccato note combinations. All these features have been specifically designed to give you the maximum enjoyment out of your Yamaha BBne2Bl.